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Tips for a Successful Client Consultation

Client Consultation

Client consultation plays an important part in the growth of your beauty salon business. Ideally, professionals should perform a consultation and encourage clients to participate willingly in the procedure. If done correctly, you can actively engage with your clients and win their trust, influence their decision making, and turn them into clients of your salon. I always say to be honest, I am a super honest person and your clients will recognize that, appreciate it and trust you more!

•Listen to your client maintain eye contact throughout the consultation.

•While greeting your clients, shake hands with them. Call them by their first name, it shows you are paying attention and have a relationship with them.

•Keep the position of your chair lower than the eye level of your client. This is important to make them comfortable and also prevents them from getting intimidated.

•Find out where the client heard about you or your salon. On my consultation sheet, I ask how they have heard of my salon. Example:

How did you hear about us? __Internet __Friend __Other

If they say friend, ask who and write it down on their form. It is always nice to thank your existing clients for sending others to you. Thank you goes a long way!

•Ask the client what their main goal is. What do they want to get from this service? Example: Eyelash lift: Do they want darker lashes or just lifted? Ask questions so it is clear what results you can give them.

•Find out how the client cares for their lashes or hair or skin (whatever it is) now. Are they using any products? Example: You client tells you they use castor oil on their lashes.

•Talk to your client as you are doing their service if it is their first time. Example “I am applying the step one solution to your eyelashes right now, if you feel a bit of burning it is normal. Please feel free to ask me questions and if you feel burning let me know and I will fan your lashes.” This makes the client feel a lot more comfortable with you. Especially when getting a lash lift, your eyes are closed and it can cause anxiety for some people. I think it is always nice to inform your clients what you are doing step by step especially if it is their first time. Another thing you can do is inform them on time. “We are on step 3 so 10 more minutes, I can’t wait to see the final look.”

•If any service is going to take a little longer time, make sure the client knows where the bathroom is. Let them know it will take a bit longer, offer them the bathroom before you start.

•If the service is going to be more expensive always inform the client before doing any service. Example. “You mentioned you wanted the tint included in your service I just want to inform you it Is an extra $10 on top of the lift fee, is that okay with you?”

•After the job is done, make sure you thank your client and fill them in on the aftercare procedure. For my eyelash extension clients, I provide an aftercare booklet for every new client.

•Call clients, email or send a text following up with how they liked their service.

•Always ask clients for referrals. This helps to grow your business quickly. When I started my beauty business I had a referral program send 5 people get your 5th eyelash refill FREE. If your clients like you and your service they are going to send you people but give them an incentive to do it and show your appreciation. This will help you grow quicker!

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