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Myth #1: Your Eyelashes Will Fall Out:

Eyelash extensions should not damage or make natural eyelashes fall out any faster than they would. We naturally lose up to 5 natural lashes per day. Most people do not notice their natural lashes falling out because they are not easily visible. When your eyelash extension falls out they are larger, thicker and darker than natural lashes making the natural lash easier to see and more noticeable when they fall out. If extensions are applied incorrectly natural lashes can become damaged in fallout. If they are done correctly with a proper trained technician with the proper products your natural lashes will be completely safe!

Myth # 2: Your Eyelashes Won't Grow Back:

Eyelashes extension if applied properly will not damage or prevent new lash growth. All eyelashes follow the hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle consists of lashes growing in and falling. If you have a habit of pulling or picking the eyelash extensions in extreme cases this this habit can hinder hair growth

FUN FACT:The Human eyelash grows between 8-12 mm in length. Lashes on the upper eyelid can range anywhere from 40-200 and more. Lower lashes can range anywhere from 50-150 eyelashes. The eyelashes on the upper lid are different from the lower eyelid. Top eyelashes are much coarser and longer then bottom. Eyelashes are ALWAYS growing and have a life span of 60-90 days.

Eyelashes have 3 stages of hair growth:

Anagen:The active eyelash growth phase. Nourishment of hair follicle via blood supply enable hair growth. The premature eyelash is relatively new growth.

Catagen:The transition phase. Hair follicle detaches from nourishing blood supply. The healthy eyelash has been growing for 2-4 weeks and is strong.

Telogen:The resting phase. Without nourishment, the hair dies and falls out. These long lashes that are fully grown are prone to falling out at any time.

Myth #3: They Take Too Long To Apply:

In the beginning stages of the application process it will take longer for application. Like learning anything new the more experienced a lash artist has the faster and more efficient this process becomes.

Myth #4 Anybody Can Do Eyelash Extension

Applying lash extension is very challenging. Lash artists require ability to pay attention to small details for long amount of time as thy are working with shape tweezers on delicate hair. Most places require a cosmetology or aesthetician license or a certificate to be certified in doing eyelash extensions. I strongly advise you to do your research and make sure to see a trained technician.



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