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Still on pause with your business? Some tips for my fellow small business owners!

We are still on pause with our business, here are some tips for my fellow small business owners that you can do in the meantime! This is a great time to become more educated in how to run your business!

  • Continue posting to social media regularly. Plan out your social media for a week, or a month. You can use great apps such as Plan, Preview and Planoly

  • Get caught up with all your accounting, organize our bills and files! I know we always put this aside, here is our time to get it done!

  • Work on your website!

  • Get your clients to write a review about your service and business.

  • Listen to podcasts.

  • Read books.

  • Connect with other local business owners!

  • Keep in touch with your clients!

  • Work out.

  • Meditate I use the app 'Lets meditate"

  • DREAM! It is my favourite thing to do! All good things start with a dream. The dream becomes a vision. The vision becomes a plan. The plan becomes the reality.

  • Plan for what will be exciting and fun when life gets back to business as usual!

Most important, take care of yourself! The fast-paced rhythm of life has slowed down, were thankful for everyday that we are healthy!

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