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Small Business LOVE

Lets talk small business!

To everyone running a small business. There is nothing small about running a business. If running a small business was not hard enough 2020 challenged us all. Covid-19 has brought the worlds economy to a grinding halt. The economic impact and recovery will last for months, even years.

Why are small businesses so important? Small businesses are important because they provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create meaningful jobs with greater job satisfaction than positions with larger, traditional companies. They foster local economies, allow more job opportunities, staff people, keeping money close to home and supporting neighbourhoods and communities. Small business owners are an important part of the communities in which they live and work. Local small business tend to be involved in the community. They might sponsor little league teams, donate to the citys homeless shelter or food drives, participate in community charity events and more.

Local Jobs! Small businesses are job creators, and most of those jobs are local jobs. Rather than having to commute to another city, employees work closer to home. Supporting local businesses also helps your fellow community members who work at them. When a community has a vibrant commercial centre, it also creates ample opportunities for these workers to shop at other local small businesses.

Small business provide the feeling that a real person is behind it all. Someone who is more about giving us a quality product or service, over just taking our hard earned dollars - Annie Bukhman

Tips To Help Small Businesses

1) Join the digital program. Many in person service industries have had to close their doors and pivot to online services. Join the online fitness classes or online courses.

2) Follow comment and share. Show your support by following commenting and sharing on social medic. Engage with them and share their post. It costs nothing but can leave a big impact.

3) Buy gift cards. With some businesses closing their doors purchasing gift cards will help them until they can reopen again

4) Leave a review. Leave google reviews for your favourite local business throughout the holidays! Cost nothing and it will go a long way!

By Shopping local and helping small business you can keep more money in the local economy,

celebrate what makes your community unique, support local jobs (and their family)

and help the environment!

To all business owners, you got this, we got this. We are ALL in this together. Remember tough times don't last, tough people do!

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