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How I utilized a small space into a beautiful lash room!

How I utilized my lash room! ALL MY TIPS,TRICKS AND AMAZON LINKS!

For those of you who dont know me my name is Jessica. Owner of Natural Lash & Defined Beauty. I been doing lashes for 10 years. In 2020 I opened a salon called Defined Beauty. I wanted to have 3 separate rooms. They weren't going to be big but I new I would make it work, and I did.

I designed 3 rooms. This is my lash room where I spend most of my time!

If you have a small room you are going to want to keep reading to see what I did.

First off, lighting. Every technician, whether you are are a brow artist, lash artist, pmu artist you need a light. I decided to put the light on the wall. This takes away ones less thing in the room. It also keeps the room looking clean and aesthetic pleasing. I will attach the amazon link at the end of this blog.

Second. Having less is more. I have multiple certificates but I only put up two. I decided to have no pictures on the wall. Less is more! Bare walls makes the space look bigger, feel better, looks cleaner and clutter free!

Third. No room for a coat hanger? No problem! Drill a coat hanger on the wall. Allow your client to hang their purse and jacket in the room still!

Fourth. Do you need a sink in your room? You can make it happen. We have a 16 inch sink in the corner!

Fifth, I have a sliding door. This allows the room to keeps its space. If I had a door I needed to open and close instead of a sliding door, the space would not work.

Sixth, when I designed the room I built a niche in the wall. I love the look of this. I have room to put my plant and diffuser. This is a much cleaner look than having shelves on the wall.


Put your bed against the wall to make more space!

Less things on the wall for a cleaner look!

Hang a mirror on the wall, it will make the room look bigger.

Paint the room a light colour. Light colours will give the illusion that the space is bigger.

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