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What To Do At Home? 6 Things To Do At Home Today!

Hello my beauties! I hope every one is staying safe, healthy and positive during this time. I miss you all so much! Due to the Covid-19 we continue to be closed in response to the pandemic. I will be sure to post reopening dates as soon as I get them confirmed and be sure to get you all in. Until then, I want to share what I have been doing and give you some ideas what you can do being home. 

Be active!

Be active! Youtube has great work out videos! Walk, meditate, breathe!

Clean out your closet!

Package your clothes to donate them when you can. It always feels good to clean out your closet and even better when you can donate and help others!


Take the time to educate yourself on whatever you feel that you are lacking. 

Check out some of my favourite books available for purchase on my amazon page!

Listen to podcasts! 

I start everyday with a podcast! Download them on your phone! Listen to them when you can.


Stay thankful and positive! Keep all situations and circumstances in proper perspective. You can download many apps on your phone which allow you to do you own at home meditation. My favourite app is called "Let's Meditate"

Stay hydrated, take your vitamins AND stay home! 

Remember: Thing are going to work out for you. Everything you are stressing about won't even matter soon. Long awaited change is coming your way.

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