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LET’S TALK LIGHTING-Want To Get That Perfect Lash Picture? Here Is How!

It is easier and cheaper then you think!

Before and after shots are a great way to demonstrate the quality of your work. However, ask first. If you’re taking photos of a regular client, please don’t start snapping away without their permission! Smiling and asking nicely to take a photo of their lashes is usually a much better start. Be sure to ask your clients and get permission and consent from them. On my waiver, I have a section for picture taking that reads “I consent to before and after photos ________” I let them know that I usually crop out most of their face just leaving and focusing on the eye. This helps them feel most comfortable, if they don’t feel comfortable taking the picture I never push it.

What you need to create great pictures:

Camera OR Smart Phone

Good Lighting

Editing & Collage Apps

Good Angels


Clean Precise Lash Application

You don’t need anything fancy for your camera. I either use my Sony A6000 camera or my Android phone. I find myself always going back to my android phone, probably because I am most comfortable with it. Some tips if you are using your phone:

Clean your lens. You take your phone with you everywhere – chances are the lens is a little dirty. This affects the quality of your photos. Wipe your lens with a tissue before you start snapping. Turn on the grid function on your camera to enhance your angles. The lines in the grid can help you to better align your photos. Try to keep all full-face shots perfectly even by lining up your model’s pupils! More important than having a good camera comes lighting. Make sure you’re not taking the pictures in a dark room. Take the pictures wherever there is the best lighting. Natural lighting works great but I suggest in investing in a ring light.

Click HERE to see some of my favourite salon and lash essentials. I got a ring light with a phone stand. It also helped me create videos. If you don’t have the room for the big ring light they have $20 ring lights for your phone! Check the link out. Let’s talk editing apps! A little Facetune never hurt anybody. Facetune is an app used by beauty bloggers. You can use this app to smooth out your model’s skin. Using Facetune on your client’s skin can create a beautiful even complexion and show off your lashes. NOTE: I never condone airbrushing or photoshopping your actual lash work. This is a no for me, it will create issues for you in the future to your clients. When someone is choosing you they choose you because they like your work on your instagram but IF it is edited, that is what I called false advertisement.


There are three main photo poses which show off lash extensions.

The Full face Shot. Your model can be lying down or sitting up during this shot . Always include the entire face in your shot, including the model’s chin – if not, the angles of the face are distorted and you get a very unflattering shot.

The Single eye Shot. The close-ups are one of my favourite shots. By zooming in on the lashes, you can show off the neatness of your work. This kind of photo works best when your model is lying down and looking straight ahead. Take different angle photos!

The Beauty Shot. With your model lying down and looking up, tilt your phone to the side and take a diagonal shot of their full face. Have fun with the beauty shot, also known as the candid shot. Have your client smile.

This is an example of the The Beauty Shot

Precise lash application is EVERYTHING for pictures!

Your photos are only as good as the quality of your application. How many times do you brush out the lashes to get the “perfect” picture. That one lash that is out of place throws off the whole picture! Speaking of brushing, to make the perfect picture of the client lashes, don’t be shy if you have to comb their brows into place. Patience patience patience. Make sure your work is clean and precise. It makes amazing photos and you clients coming back for more and referring clients besides that your clients lash health is the most important factor when applying lashes.

Instagram is a powerful and FREE marketing tool. I built my business through referral and Instagram. Build your page with great pictures and a consistent theme. Your lash pictures should be eye catching but so should your page! Your Instagram page is your selling feature. When your friends say, “Who did your lashes?” The next question is usually. "What is her page I want to see her work?"

Working on your Instagram? Here are some tips!

A common Instagram colour theme, similar subject, a standard picture framework, etc. makes your feed look more organized. A more organized feed creates a better impression of brand consistency in the eyes of new visitors. Your pre-existing customers also find it easier to look for a product on your feed this way.

Here are 2 example of my work pages. If your not following us give us a follow and check us out!


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