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Getting a proper chair when lashing is life changing. Here is why!

Read what chair helped me get through my long lash days!

The chair that helped me get through my lash days. A saddle chair! What is a saddle chair?

Back pain, neck pain, headaches. This all comes with our posture. Being a busy lash technician can be overwhelming and hard on our body. I discovered the saddle chair that made my lash days much easier on my bodiy, A saddle chair (or stool), as its name implies, has a seat shaped like a saddle you would put on a horse. Modern saddle chairs are often equipped with a five-legged base (much like a regular office chair), casters, and a pneumatic cylinder for adjusting seat height

What comes with bad posture:

Soreness & Pain. Slouching isn't a normal position for the body, and it causes our muscles to work harder

Poor Circulation.

Negative Mood.

Increased Stress.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Less Motivation.

Poor Digestion



The benefits of using a saddle chair are as follows:

Improved muscle strength:

One of the main benefits of using a saddle stool is improved muscle strength. More specifically, improved core strength. Without the backrest and armrests to rely on, your body is forced to support itself and keep itself upright using the abdominal and back muscles. A saddle chair also requires you to stabilize your body using your legs. When you sit upright in a saddle chair for even just an hour, it’s essentially like doing an hour’s-worth of plyometric contractions. This increased core and leg activity strengthens muscles and increases muscular endurance. Muscular endurance, in turn, allows your muscles to stay contracted for longer without fatiguing. Both strength and muscular endurance are important aspects of keep the muscles of your back healthy and pain-free.

Back pain relief:

The increased angle between the knees and the hips, and the activation of the leg muscles to stabilize your body, takes a lot of the pressure off your lower back. This

relieves pain in the lower back. But it doesn’t just stop with the lower back.

When the pressure is removed from your lower back, tension in your upper back and neck decreases as well. This can be very beneficial for those who suffer from neck aches and headaches caused by too much time sitting at a desk.


The ergonomics of the saddle chair moves your body into correct postural alignment. That means that your spine is set in its natural s-curve and that your lumbar region is naturally supported by the muscles in your core and back for the entire time that you’re seated. The longer you sit in this correct position, the stronger your muscles will become and the longer they’ll be able to maintain the spine’s correct position. That improved posture increases blood flow to the spine, prevents slouching and hunching, smooths digestion, and even improves circulation to the lower legs.

Prevention of musculoskeletal disorder:

Just as there is a profound difference between the appearance of a saddle chair and an ergonomic office chair, there is a profound difference between sitting in them as well. So before you rush out, buy a saddle chair, and expect to sit astride it for six to eight hours the next day, all we can say is, “Whoa pony!” When you’ve been sitting on conventional chairs and stools for most of your life (as pretty much all of us have), getting used to a saddle chair is going to take time.

It is recommend that you start by sitting in your saddle chair for one hour a day. If you have no problems with that, try two hours the next day. Stay at two hours for two or three days to give your muscles time to adjust. After that, gradually increase your time in the saddle over a period of four weeks. Eventually, you will be able to sit comfortably in your saddle chair for an entire workday. Remember that just because you are in a healthier postural position, doesn’t mean you don’t need to take a break every hour. Get up and

move, do some light stretching, or go for a short walk around the office to relieve the tension caused by sitting.


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