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Eyelash Perming Myths

Myth: Eyelash perming causes damage to the lashes. Fact: When performed by a trained professional, eyelash perming is safe and will not cause damage to the lashes.

Myth: Eyelash perming will make my lashes fall out. Fact: Eyelash perming does not cause lashes to fall out. However, if the perming solution is left on too long or the lashes are rolled too tightly, it can cause some lashes to break.

Myth: Eyelash perming is only for people with straight lashes. Fact: Eyelash perming can be beneficial for people with all types of lashes, including straight lashes, as it can add curl and lift to the lashes.

Myth: Eyelash perming only last for a short time. Fact: The results of eyelash perming can last for several weeks, depending on the individual's natural lash growth cycle and how well they take care of their lashes after the treatment.

Myth: Eyelash perming is painful. Fact: Eyelash perming is not painful, some people might experience a slight discomfort or itching sensation during the process, but it is generally considered pain-free.

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