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Secrets to Creating the Perfect Fall Skin-Care Routine

Who else is excited for sweater weather! I know I am! With fall around the corner its time to talk skin. Autumn brings cooler weather and a drop in humidity, which makes for dry, stale air and even drier skin. Our skin shedding process tends to slow down, which means our skin can become drier, rougher and develop a dull-looking appearance As the seasons change, so should your skin care.

Try a thicker moisturizer.

Say goodbye to the lightweight, oil-free moisturizer you've been slathering on all summer. It's time to bulk up with a hefier hydrator. A heavy cream made with ceramides, which are the essential and healthy fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin but need to be replenished during the colder months.

Cut back on exfoliating.

As the weather gets colder, it's best to cut back on robust ingredients. Over-exfoliation can create tiny cracks in the skin barrier that lead to more loss of hydration and inflammation.

Add an overnight mask to your routine.

Studies show that cells replicate and renew overnight , and a face mask helps these cells do this effectively. Some overnight masks have a sealant ingredient that locks in moisture and also helps keep dirt and other pollutants from getting into pores.

Apply a serum or facial oil.

Face oil helps strengthens the skin barrier to trap moisture and hydrate the skin. Supports soft and supple skin and evens skin complexion.

Work in Retinol.

Retinol is the anti-aging gold standard, but because it can cause photosensitivity and lead to inflammation and redness, the rule of thumb is to avoid it (or cut down on it) during the summer. But, come fall, it’s a whole other story. It works wonders to assist in exfoliation and sun-induced discolouration and brown spots.

Keep Up With SPF.

Even if you’re not spending the afternoon lounging poolside, sunscreen needs to be part of your daily skin routine. Sun damage can occur any day, any time, and anywhere. “In overcast weather, UV rays penetrate the skin, increasing your risk of skin cancer and accelerating aging,” says Dr. Herschthal, adding that mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are critical for blocking UVA and UVB rays.E

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